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The HR Coaching for Leaders Mastermind 

Level 3: Keeping Your Team

You can find out here all the information about what’s included in this Mastermind and ensure this is the right program for you!

Level 3: Keeping Your Team Inclusions

This is where you will round out your HR learning across the employee lifecycle finishing with Keeping Your Team. Learn about the key components to keeping your team – and lovingly support any team that do decide to depart.
What you will get:
❤️ 3 month Mastermind –  learn, implement and be supported alongside a small group of other people in similar stages of their HR journey.
❤️ 3 learning modules – you’ll learn everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t!) to build effective, motivated and high-performing teams.
❤️ 3 group coaching calls – access me for 1:1 support to trouble-shoot, plan and implement HR strategy that is right for you and your unique business.
❤️ Private Facebook group for discussions and support 
❤️ Monthly Live Q&As
+ Bonus Guest Speakers to deepen your knowledge
Valued at over $10,000 if you were to access all of this 1:1
❤️ Available for 3* Participants only
*This Mastermind will be a deepening experience and so limited spaces available
In this Mastermind, you get the best of me, in a group setting, where you can be coached, mentored and guided by me and supported alongside other like-minded business owners and leaders. The learning modules are available in video and audio to learn from on the run or from the comfort of your couch. There will be exercises to complete along the way aimed at supporting you to implement HR practices immediately and affectively for your business. There are practical solutions, that you can make your own and walk away feeling empowered and confident in making people decisions for your team and business.
Let’s dive a little deeper now and share more about each learning module in the Level 3 Mastermind of Keeping Your Team ⬇️
Learning Modules
Performance review cycle: Create a performance review cycle fit for purpose > looking at Business, Team and Individual goals and timeline, and how to create alignment across the business. How to incorporate the review cycle in your day as a leader in a simple way. Overview of a salary review cycle and why it’s important to have one. When is it appropriate to include bonus and incentive programs? What are some other strategies to create engagement other than $?
Career growth and development: As a leader, being a contributor to their career and having an invested interest is a great and simple way to engage, motivate and keep your team. Simply having these conversations costs you nothing! We explore a suitable template and simple process and discuss retention strategies and tools.
Departures: What to do if someone leaves: it happens, how can you love them on the way out. We look at exit interviews – why would you have them? There is always a reason why someone leaves and being open to this feedback allows you to make adjustments and changes to improve your business or team and continue to be seen as an employer of choice.

It’s time to learn about Keeping Your Team in a simplified way and without the jargon – are you in?

With the HR Coaching for Leaders Mastermind, Level 3 Keeping Your Team, I am offering it at AUD$4,999 + GST. 
Have I mentioned the bonus guests yet?
As an added bonus, I have invited two special guests to support you along the way, to provide even deeper support and guidance:
  • Human Design in Teams: We’ve looked at your own HD blueprint – lets dive deeper with exploring HD as a team and how understanding on a team level can enhance and engage your team like never before
  • NLP for Team Culture: exploring new ways to support and enhance your team culture through Neuro-linguistic programming
These important topics are close to my heart and something even I am learning more about each and every day on how I can be a better leader. I hope you feel the same way. More details will be shared with participants about our special guests and timing of these calls. These bonus guests are included in the price of AUD$4,999 + GST.
Do you want to deepen your HR knowledge with 1:1 coaching?
You can also access me 1:1 if you are wanting a further deep dive and tailored advice and support. Adding 1:1 monthly coaching is available to ensure you are leading your business and making the most of the investment with your people. You can purchase monthly 1:1 coaching at time of sign up for AUD$399 +GST per month. 

Did you know you can purchase all three levels of the Mastermind series at a discount?

Need additional support?
There are additional 1:1 services you can add to your Keeping Your Team Mastermind:
Career Coaching Team Workshop: this is a way to take a deeper look with your team about their career development preferences – 2 hour workshop add-on value AUD$299
1:1 Coachingsignature coaching programs that can be offered for you and your team members 1:1
  • Guide Me – One Month Coaching, weekly support available for AUD$449 +GST
  • Elevate Me – Two Month Coaching, fortnightly support available for AUD$899 + GST
  • Transform Me – Three Month Coaching, fortnightly support available for AUD$1,349 +GST
Restructuring/role changes coaching: there will be time and no doubt throughout a 12 month Mastermind when someone’s position may change or a restructure is required – evolution of a small business. Gain access to me 1:1 to support you through every step – value TBC at the time of request depending on the complexity of the changes.
Yes please! These adds-ons look great, where do I sign up!
You can include these additional services in your application and we’ll talk about the timing of supporting you with these important insights, tips and steps for your business throughout the Mastermind.

Are you in?

The HR Coaching for Leaders Mastermind Level 3 of Keeping Your Team, is only AUD$4,999 + GST*. 
*Payment plans available. 
Have further questions?
Let’s chat! I would love to explore with you whether this program is ideal for you or someone in your business. Select a suitable meeting time via this link and we’ll chat through the program in more detail and understand where you are at. 
So, if you have been thinking about how to build HR skills within your business, to deepen your knowledge and save money in this space, then, be the first to get onboard this HR Coaching Mastermind series.

And, if you have read this far, you are in luck, you will get access to the Mastermind at a discounted price if you purchase all three levels as a bundle!

Receive 33% off when you purchase all three levels as a bundle!

Want to learn more about Level 1 Building Your Team and Level 2 Growing Your Team?
Learn more about each Mastermind and find out if purchasing as a bundle is a better option to make the most of a discounted price and get a full employee lifecycle experience, knowledge and learning.
I recently experienced a 1:1 coaching series with Hayley and at the beginning I was feeling pretty negative about myself and where I was heading in the future. I realised that I needed to make changes by having someone who could support me through the process and hold me accountable. A coaching series was exactly what I needed, I felt excited and motivated because I knew I would be setting concrete goals and actions, with accountability. After the first session, I was on the verge of discovering some really great opportunities to kick start my life in the right direction. Throughout the series I gained greater self-motivation and self-belief and made positive changes within myself that friends and loved ones recognise. Hayley was encouraging and believed in me and created an amazing space for me to make these positive changes.
I had quit my job of 10 years with no plans for what was next. I really needed time to recharge, relax and revitalize my soul before even thinking about what was next. I was excited about the prospect of change and creating something new in my life. I wanted to create more love and joy in my life and live more confidently. I wanted to reignite and nourish my soul and passion for life. Hayley was someone who I could talk honestly with. I also felt a huge sense of trust and calm and the conversation was easy, I just had to feel into my life and be really present with myself and open to limitless possibilities. As someone who constantly looks at my mistakes, weaknesses, areas of improvement, to take the time to reflect on my strengths, values and what is important to me has really had a huge impact on the direction my life is now taking. I really felt comfortable doing this with Hayley who was a huge support with her extremely grounded, calm and reassuring presence. I feel so much more confident now and the trust I have in myself has improved and friends have noticed this confidence, sense of direction, energy, enthusiasm and passion and I now feel like I am more authentic in my relationships. This coaching series with you, Hayley, has made me realise that having a coach is a non-negotiable for the accountability and the offering of a different perspective and loving support.
When I started working with Hayley, I was feeling lost and not sure of my future and what I wanted in my life and I felt I needed some guidance to reevaluate where I was at. I had never worked with a coach before so I felt excited, nervous and hopeful - I knew the journey was going to be positive and worth it! At the end of our 1st session, I knew having a coach was finally going to give me the opportunity to be able to wholeheartedly invest the time in myself and commit to what I had been wanting to work through for a while. The relationship I now have with myself is probably the one that I have noticed the biggest shift in. I now feel lighter as a person as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - the experience was life changing for me. The learnings I had throughout the 12 weeks were so powerful for me and something I’ll hold on to. I can’t thank Hayley enough for taking the time to help me on this journey! In every session Hayley was always so present and positive and allowed me to be completely vulnerable and open. Hayley has a warm and encouraging manner which helped me to look deeper in myself than I ever have before and I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to do so with no judgement. The advice, guidance, patience and love Hayley gave will be something I will carry with me always.
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