Hayley McLennan Consulting

About Me

Founded in 2021 by Hayley McLennan, to inspire and partner with small business owners, leaders and individuals who are looking for change to elevate growth and potential.

This is Me. Hayley.

Career & Life Coach, with a big splash of HR thrown in.

How did I get here? I was stuck in the 9-5 after 15 years of working for other amazing businesses in the corporate world….and I knew there was more I could offer – my heart and soul had another calling that just had to come forward.

My life long passion of helping people is innate and after researching the most suitable coaching course I stumbled across Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA), which was recommended by a beautiful coach herself who had come from the corporate world to the coaching world. I knew instantly from reading the first sentence on the BYCA website that this would be a heart centred community that I was longing for and it was just meant to be – it felt like I’d finally found my home after wandering around the wilderness of the world, swirling in my own fun and happiness – but it was now time to come home – and I had finally found it!

The truth is, I was looking and yearning for work I felt passionate about.

That filled me with a sense of purpose in my life and work. I wanted to reach, inspire and positively impact as many people as possible. I want everyone to work in something that feels more connected to their heart and soul purpose. Inspiring others that there is more to life than the corporate 9-5 if you so wish and to allow yourself to flourish in a more fulfilling life.

It’s funny, but somehow I knew deep down I could always do more than a corporate HR role, and now I know that life coaching is what I’m called to do. It’s only through my own growth and development journey that I discovered how I could combine my years of experience in HR with helping people fulfil their life long career dreams.

Now, through my own business, Hayley McLennan Consulting, I combine my passion, skills and calling for life coaching, with my years of experience in HR.

I work with heart-centred, values-led small business, providing boutique HR consulting services. I also provide private 1:1 coaching services 

I work with you if you have been working in the corporate life, climbing the corporate ladder, ticking all the boxes and doing all the right things but can no longer ignore that niggling inner voice that something is missing. If you’re feeling called to create a career and life connected to your heart and soul purpose, I’m here to support you do that!

I see my clients gain more self belief than ever before that they can do anything their heart and soul desires, while having the drive, ambition and determination to get there. They are vulnerable and gain confidence to transform and make heart centred decisions that are just right for them.

I have always rated coaching highly in the business world as everyone can be coached if they have space to put down the walls, barriers and egos. The positive impact it can have is life changing and even the change resistors can move forward because it comes from within and you are held in a way that not one size fits all and what’s going on with you and in that coaching moment is the most important.

If this is resonating, I hear you, I see you – I have been there. 

I am ready to answer the same calling that I felt – to find and live your own version of a deeply meaningful and fulfilling career and life. I am passionate about working with people who are wanting to make changes in their career and life; I can help you discover what your heart and soul truly desires to live a life with purpose, passion and fulfilment.

It’s time. It’s your life.

Reach out for a complimentary consultation on how we can work together or subscribe to our updates for the latest news, offers and information on HR or career life coaching.

And soon to be launching, the HR Coaching Mastermind – stay up to date with all the details ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️