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Growing Your Team

Founded in 2021 by Hayley McLennan, to inspire and partner with small business owners, leaders and individuals who are looking for change to elevate growth and potential.

I provide ongoing support to allow your employees to thrive in your working environment or adapt to any changes as you continue to grow your business.

Being clear on the expectations with your team and investing in their growth and development through effective feedback 

Do you need help and support?

> How do I manage and measure employee performance?

> How should I approach an employee to give them feedback?

> How often should I provide my team with feedback on performance?

> What do I do if someone is underperforming?

> One of my employees has breached a company guideline, what do I do?

> How do I approach a difficult conversation with one of my employees?

> What are the legal obligations when I have performance discussions with my employees?

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I can support you with personalised and tailored advice on how to give feedback, managing performance and understanding your team to get the best out of them, all while ensuring you are meeting the Fair Work minimum standards around these important topics…..and more!

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